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Blog Post #1 - Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk

January 3, 2024

Welcome to the Hustle Journie business blog!

Our favorite business tool of the moment is a platform called Stan Store, or, which is gaining much popularity on TikTok as a beginner friendly tool for making money. has the following functionalities that are great for small business owners:

-Sell digital products with ease.

-Create and sell online courses.

-Collect emails from your buyers.

-Make subscription websites for your online courses

and MORE!

But let’s start at the beginning in case you’re new to the platform altogether.

What is is an all-in-one creator store that allows you to host your courses, digital products, and bookings in one place. It is the easiest way to make money online. You can use it to create a link-in-bio that houses all of your content, making it easy for your followers to access your products and services. is seamlessly integrated with social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, making it easy to share your link-in-bio with your followers.

At the writing of this blog post, requires either a business bank account or a business PayPal account to collect funds for any products or services you sell on their platform. affiliate program? offers a lucrative referral program where customers can earn a recurring passive income. As a Stan customer, you can earn 20% of every Stan Subscription generated through your referral.

This means you can earn up to $189 for every referral, depending on the plan they choose, as long as they remain subscribed. You can monitor your referral progress anytime via the ‘Referral’ tab in the Stan dashboard.

The affiliate program is easy to join. You can receive an affiliate link after choosing a monthly subscription. There’s no waiting period to get approval for a link.

Alternatives to

Some of the alternative platform to are Beacons. Pensight or Kahana. But the most popular competitor right now is Linktree. Linktree and serve a common purpose within your online business by offering a simplified “link in bio” store. While they differ slightly in features, they have pros and cons that are largely similar, and thus choosing between them depends on your preferences.

Linktree allows users to share multiple links on social media from a single webpage hub. Stan Store out shines Linktree by introducing capabilities beyond just link sharing, such as appointment booking, 1-tap checkout and calendar integration.

Overall Benefits of

Low cost: costs only $29 a month with no commission fees. This is significantly lower than other platforms like Shopify, which charges a minimum of $29 per month plus transaction fees. Stan Store also does not take transaction fees, like Stripe or Paypal. With Stan Store, you’re keeping 100% of what you sell-- the only cost is the monthly fee.

Monetizing your content: is an e-commerce shop that allows creators to sell their digital products, host and sell online courses and memberships, and book meetings. When creators add to their profile link, visitors can easily click through’s minimal interface purchase your products.

Great support: provides excellent support to its users. You get weekly creator tips to help you grow, exclusive creator community access to network and learn from other creators, and 1:1 creator strategy coaching call. This support can be invaluable for creators who are just starting out or who need help growing their business.

Sign up for your free 14-Day trial here -->!

Hustle Journie Team

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